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Updated on- September 9 2016

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Name: Pokemon Shiny Gold Sigma
Hack of: Fire Red
Language: English
Creator: Alex Sánchez

More Info

An improvement of Shiny Gold by Alex Sánchez. "A new revolutionary game. Improvements at Johto Region, adding Kanto, plus a special section with Orange Archipelago and their leaders. Complete and working 100% functional."

Changes from Shiny Gold

  • Ability to fly everywhere correctly
  • Leaders with revenge in Johto and Kanto, Orange Islands
  • Badges in Crystal order
  • Improved graphics
  • New sprites include: tiles, trainers sprites, Pokemon sprites, several graphs, etc.
  • New Pokemon added, more than 386 to catch ’em all without trading.
  • Remastered music
  • Anime occurrences and new rivals according to the Manga
  • Leaders reinforced, more difficult & new Ex-Elites
  • More interesting attacks
  • New objects, new main characters, history, places, music, events


Alex Sánchez


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