Pokemon Sun Ruby

Pokemon Sun Ruby
Pokemon Sun Ruby
Remake From:
Pokemon Ruby
Remake by:
The story is the same as Pokémon Ruby, the initials of Alola of seventh generation and Alola Forms were added.

-Initials are: Litten, Rowlet, Popplio (All 3 stages available).
-14 alola forms added.
-About 36 captureable seventh generation Pokémon.
-Groudon traded for Solgaleo.
-Sales of evolution stones in Mauville.
- Pokémon that evolves by exchange evolve by stone or lv (usually between 38-42).
-Eevee evolves to Umbreon and Espeon by Moon and Sun Stone.
-Ash-Greninja as Froakie's latest evolution.
-Electivire and Magmotar (evolve lv 50).
-Pokémon that evolve by happiness, evolve by lv (usually lv20), except espeon.

Beta v0.2
-Feebas captured on route 119, evolves on lv 20.
- Dozens of classic pokés sprites changed to BW style sprites.
Fixed some invisible sprites.
-Corrijido evolutions from eevee to espeon and umbreon.

Beta v0.23
-Shadow Punch replaced by Sucker Punch
-Status of the initials updated, according to
Own game.
-Magmotar and Electivire added (evolves lv 50).

Credit by Pokemonsaves.blogspot.com.br
Pokemon Sun Ruby


Download Beta 0.23
Download Pokemon Sun Ruby Beta 0.23

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