Pokemon Clover

Pokemon Clover
Pokemon Clover
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Pokemon Fire Red
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Pokemon Clover is an exciting new rom-hack project straight out of 4chan's /vp/ board! Led by CloverCamerupt, known as Camerupt on the threads, Pokemon Clover is a project that aims to create a hack using 151(and eventually more) fakemon created by /vp/ users, some based in memes, and some designed simply to be cool. We pride ourselves on 4chan for having a fun, fast moving, and laid-back game project as opposed the the survey heavy and slow moving projects like Pokeaus and Pokemon Sage.

Do not make the mistake of discounting us because we are from 4chan! We are a very friendly and tight-knit development team that always do things in the best interest of our fun project! We would love all the help we can get, we promise we wont bite! In fact we have come to Pokecommunity to recruit more experienced hackers to help bolster our amateur development team!

Our game's main region called Fochun, is based on Southern California (and Kanto's model to an extent), featuring tropical coasts to the south, grasslands in the center, and mountains to the north.

That being said lets get on with the hack Introduction:

Game Introduction:
Welcome to the Fochun region! A faraway region filled with strange new Pokemon! You are Viol (boy) or s4s-tan (girl), a ten year old setting out on from Veepier town on a journey to be the very best like no one ever was!

Along the way you will meet Prof.Stump (played by award winning actor Danny Devito!), the Fochun region's foremost authority on Pokemon research; Edgie, your mysterious and dark new rival; and you will fight against the strange new criminal syndicate TEAM KARMA, and come to find out their strange relation to the mighty legendary Pokemon Clovenix!

The Fochun region is one of strange origin, having been occupied by the Kantonian Japanese for a period, where they had begin to model the development of the new region after their homeland, however unfamiliarity with the wildlife (and getting BTFO by the region's protector Clovenix) sent them packing. In it's beginning, a deity created the region as a fun little project, slowly working on it and building it up, eventually the creator began to become attached to his new little region and made a powerful legendary called Clovenix to protect and watch over it by giving it the power to alter destiny.

thousands of years later the criminal organization Team Karma seeks to use Clovenix's fortune altering powers to their advantage, but first they must build themselves up. Team Karma must be stopped before they become powerful enough to execute their plan!

Pokemon Clover makes use of Mr.Dollsteak's Attack and Decap rombase, featuring the physical/special split, New moves, and the Fairy type!
(Game also contains some swearing so do not play around the kiddies! Most of it comes out of Prof. Stump though.)

Features (copied from our 4chan OP):
>FireRed hack
>252 Fakemon, created by /vp/
>Trainers will be made more challenging and edited to use the new Pokemon
>The Fochun region is all new (for the most part)
>Uses MrDollSteak's decap/attack patch
>A second region: The Ebin Islands! (Second release+)
>Battle Facility where you can rematch people and buy rare items (Second release+)
Pokemon Clover
Alpha Fixed Download Pokemon Clover Alpha Fixed

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