Pokemon Arceus Legend

Pokemon Arceus Legend
Name: Pokemon Arceus Legend
Remake by: P|at!num994
Remake from: Pokemon Fire Red

Everything was created by a very powerful Pokemon: Arceus, the Pokemon Deo!
Time, Space, Emotions; everything is in harmony only thanks to him.
But something is about to change: the shady characters have in mind a dark plan ...
It all begins with a really strange dream, in which a giant Pokemon, which seems to want to tell you something appears.
But the meaning of the dream do not know, and mysterious is also a legend told by your grandmother.
But later your mind will open!

Go back and forth to Fujir, the small archipelago where you live, and Sinnoh!
Discover the most powerful Pokemon ever seen Legendary, and faces the Team God!

Pokemon Arceus Legend
Download Pokemon Arceus Legend Alpha 1

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