Pokemon Delta Emerald

Pokemon Delta Emerald
Name: Pokemon Delta Emerald
Remake by: Ludovic
Remake from: Pokemon Emerald

Pokemon Delta Emerald is a hack of Pokemon Emerald. It will bring a new atmosphere with familiar things into this game. Yup, there are many different Emerald hacks out there and this one is one of the most worth-playing hack.
When you were a young boy, you have heard a story: there are three Pokemon God Rayquaza – Kyogre – Groudon. After a fierce battle long long ago, they all have been sleeping for many years. There is a prophecy: when this world is in danger, they will wake up and battle again to protect it. Now you have grown up. You want to enjoy your life in your very own ways, not like the usual ways your parents want you to be. You want to take your own responsibilities. And so your journey begin. Getting out of your house, you will meet a Pokemon Professor name Birch and get the very first Pokemon for yourself. On the way, you will face and battle against many opponents, the gym leaders, the Elite Four and Champion of your region, some evil organizations who also want to control this world. Just go!


All Pokemon of all generations are available for catching.
You can have Mega Evolution now.
The difficulty of battling was increased to a higher level. Players have to think about suitable strategies to play.
The PokeMarts now sell TMs and unusual items.
You can Mega Evolve your Pokemon by leveling them up.

Pokemon Delta Emerald
Download Pokemon Delta Emerald (Completed)

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