Pokemon Hard Fire

Pokemon Hard Fire
Name: Pokemon Hard Fire
Remake by: DarkFire72
Remake from: Pokemon Fire Red

Pokemon Hard-fire - French Version. This Hack Rom is to make you rediscover the version FireRed in French.


New tiles
Pokémon 4G,5G&6G
New starters: Pichu-Grenouss-Feunnec
Change back-sprite and Ow's Heroes
Added Pokémon the type fairy
All the starters are offered, sold or exchanged during the adventure,
Modification of most maps
All Pokémon are captured
Level of higher trainers and their different Pokémon
Change the music
Fight against exclusive characters
New place to discover
Total Change Mont Celenite
All legendary catchable

Pokemon Hard Fire
Download Pokemon Hard Fire Ver 2.2

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