Pokemon Spinel

Pokemon Spinel
Name: Pokemon Spinel [Pc Game]
Create by: Bryan Meh

The game starts the day you turn old enough for your first Pokémon, but unfortunately you oversleep and are late to your meeting with the professor. So you leave home and struggle to catch up with the Professor and your rival, Nicholas, but when you finally catch up Nicholas is already gone to the next route, so the Professor gives you your Starter Pokémon and sends you onto route 15 to calm Nicholas down. As you continue to explore Allaros you slowly uncover the myths surrounding Xerneas and Yveltal, and find out why one man would want to destroy the Pokémon League....


8 new gyms in the Allaros Region​
Every Pokémon from Generation 1-6 with a few from Gen 7​
Black and White styled menus with mouse support​
Steady Difficulty Curve​
Pokémon Following the Trainer​
Pokémon Sun and Moon Style screen dimming when approaching a trainer​

Pokemon Spinel

Download Pokemon Spinel Demo 1.1

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