john gba lite pokemon fire red

john gba lite pokemon fire red

hey whats up guys today i'm going toshow them how to download one of the most popular games for gameboy and this is pokemon so first step you got to do is download the gba emulator so you will be able to play on the the mobile phone so you just go and type gba emulator, you click and i have already downloaded it so you gonna choose the first one click and just click download it

once you're done with it you have to go to the desription of my video there is a link for download pokemon firered version and i have already copied it so here is the link click cancel andwait five seconds in the right corner you press skip add it says please wait once it's done you click just skip add okay and you're on the on their website

from which you're going to download pokemon firered press download so just click don't after you close advertisment close a advertisement okay, as you can see it's downloading it's pretty fast if you have already downloaded you go to you have to find a gba emulator youclick on it and you can find the

pokemon firered version it just click on it and you are able to play the game okay, if it helped you please leave a like and comment so the others can see it actually works so see you guys

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