pokemon gameboy advance roms

pokemon gameboy advance roms

i was rearranging my 3ds games the other day and i began to admire my club nintendo game cases i've talked about them before and i just want to reiterate how great i think these are they're just so efficient have a great form factor one of these holds 18 ds or 3ds cartridges in the space of one standard ds

a m-- case twine in tendo hasn't brought these to standard retail i don't understand although there is a company that makes one with a nearly identical design they seem to have eliminated the outer cover sleeve and instead offer your choice of color i have a link to these amazon listings in the description looking at these reminded me that i've

always liked ideas such as this i used to use a very similar method to hold my game boy advance cartridges i made my own game cases out of dvd cases and in this video i'll show you how it's done oh before we make these cases i wanted to take a moment to touch on other storage methods i use for my other handheld

games i love handheld systems and games and i have plenty of both for a lot of these systems i only have a few games so generally these games fit in the carry case i have for that system this is not true for these systems however i could keep these games in their original boxes and cases on my media racks but as i've

alluded to before i only have so much shelf space often i need my collection to take up less of that space also i like having my handheld games accessible in a way that in one grab i can take several on the go for example here are my psp games and other um ds i have this zippered folio that was made by k-project to hold sony minidiscs the umd

is similar enough in size to the mini disc that this case works out pretty well especially for the sleeve discs back here this case holds 24 um ds for my game boy games i use this really useful box 3-liter side i found youtube channel retro game tech using a similar box for his game boy advance games he also talks about why he doesn't like

storing his games in their original cardboard boxes i recommend checking it out if you get a chance stinking of game boy advance i currently use these nintendo licensed zippered cases the store then each one holds 32 gba games and it's even roomy enough inside to hold odd cartridges such as warioware twisted it is a very versatile case and

some people have even used them to hold um ds or even ds games the actual name of this product is the ultimate game library but this name doesn't appear on the case itself this makes finding them used difficult because without the original retail sleeve sellers don't know what to call them they are tough to find and for a while

they were highly sought after but if you like it it might be worth the effort to track down but before i got these folios i wasn't satisfied with any of the game boy advance game cases on the market since i couldn't find a satisfactory case to buy i decided i had to solve the problem for myself seeing the memory card slots built into ps2 and gamecube

cases gave me the inspiration that i wanted a dvd sized case that held game boy advance games a case of this size would be exactly large enough to hope gba cartridges this would be ideal for me it would fit in perfectly on my media shelf right next to my gamecube games i could easily pull a game out to use in my gameboy player or i could grab the

whole case and take it on the go i hope someone would manufacture something like this but when that didn't happen i decided to make my own and i'll show you how to do the same to begin this build you'll need a dvd case there are countless styles and variations in dvd cases and some might be easier to work with another so use your best judgment

we're going to be cutting through parts of the case but we want to keep the outer sleeve protected from damage in order to do that i'm going to put a barrier in between i could use like a small cutting board but i think some cardboard will do the job just fine we're going to remove the disc protection ring and dvd spindle now i'm

going to use my high speed rotary tool with a plastic cutting blade to do this but if you don't have one you can try a heavy pair of scissors or shears i have cut this out with a box knife before i don't really recommend that it's it's really easy for the blade to slip out while you're trying to cut and i don't want anyone to get injured it can be

done but you have to work really really slowly and deliberately and make multiple passes now we're just going to remove the ring only and we're going to try to leave as much of the rest of the case as we can since we're already cutting we're going to remove these document clips as well it's tempting to think that on a

completed case they can hold your manuals but unless you're using an extra deep case there just isn't enough room and the clips will be in the way of the cartridges with those removed you opened up as much room as possible inside the case you could store your games in here now loose but i'd rather build in a way to secure the cartridges to do that

we'll need to cover this hole with some form of replacement panel the kind of material we choose to do that will depend on how we decide to hold the cartridges ideally we would have fixed a panel such as this inside i modeled this mock-up in tinkercad to better explain my goal i consider trying to make a 3d print of this or vacu forming a similar

panel but to keep things simple i experimented with alternatives i tried to make panels by cutting out cartridge slots in cardboard in dollar store foam core i did something similar once some foam for some um bees it works pretty well for fewer games but at the stated goal of ten cartridges there just isn't enough material left over to win

any kind of internal structure i tried using magnets to attract the security crews with mixed results a tacky surface like replaceable glue dots or sheet of sticky silicon holds the games really well they are sticky enough to hold on to the games and they don't leave residue behind on the cartridges inspired by the king of random i

considered molding a cartridge holding sheet at a silicon but i do have a disclaimer there are examples of extended contact to certain materials actually damaging plastic i've seen this in tackle boxes when a floppy plastic bait worm seems to leave a melted impression on an otherwise hard plastic surface i don't really think this

reaction happens between silicon rubber and plastic but i'm not a chemist so that's a consideration you'll have to make finally when i first made these cases this was the design that i used to hold the cartridges to cover this hole i decided to use a plastic handle there are plastic sheets that could be purchased or you could salvage a five by

seven or so panel from something you are throwing away or something from the dollar store for this video i decided to use the front panel from a second dvd case i cut it out of the case and cut the document clips off now i'm just trimming it down the side so that it fits comfortably inside the walls of my case that looks about right now i've

created a template to help mark the inside of the case and i've linked to it in the description of this video you can download it for free and print it out or you could just use these measurements you can just eyeball it if you'd like the method i'm showing you should compensate if you're off a little bit if you use my template cut it to size and

poke small holes through the appropriate spot i'm going to lay this down on my new panel and use a pencil to mark these pen spots the graphite is just shiny enough to see on this dark plastic now that that's done i'll put a hole through each location i could continue using my rotary tool but i just like using a hot nail if you

have a soldering iron that might work here too don't breathe this i'm just trying to make a small hole now that that's done i'll clear off the debris since i will be gluing this panel down i'm going to have to extend some of these holes through the original plastic as well so i'm laying my panel back in and using it as a template to mark the

rest of the case anywhere that there's still plastic there i've marked it instead of putting holes here this time i'm going to make small slits about a half inch i'm going to use my rotary tool again but if you don't have one you can try heating the end of a flathead screwdriver again i'm going to protect the outer sleeve from damage now that

that's finished i can line it up and glue it in place as far as gluing these pieces together i've chosen a glue that's specifically made for plastic if you have a good option to glue classic parts together let us know in the comments ok my glue is now set and now we need some hair ties i found these packs at two different dollar stores the

style doesn't really matter we just need the kind that has this metal crimper and i chose ones with colors that i preferred from the back of the case push the elastic in through each hole you can use a toothpick or a piece of wire to help here i just made a small hook out of a paperclip to pull the elastic through when you pull it through the

crimper will wedge in place and back and in these positions the crimper fit right into the slits that i made i've finished all 10 and now we're almost done you can slide your games into the elastic and it stops at these shoulders of the cartoons they slide in and out really easily but it holds them securely now it's time to really spruce this up

with some custom cover art since we kept our outer sleeve protected we can slide the art right in we can go with something old for a low-tech or you can customize and print your own in any design you want be a specific where it's generic as you'd like it's easy to find a dvd case art template but be aware that in the us

these don't fit on letter sized paper unless your printer can put it all the way to the edge alternatively use a different paper size like a4 or legal size paper or print it in two parts there's a lot of general information online about printing custom dvd covers so i'll let you find that on your own pretty cool huh when you try this for

yourself there are a few more considerations to keep in mind you can make an easier version of this project by turning the case over and making your cartridge holder on this side depending on the style of case you are using you may only need to remove the spindle i found that with certain cases the ring really doesn't interfere much but if you

make your case this way the elastic and metal crimper will add more bolts to the back side not overly problematic and it can be reduced by clamping or hammering the crimper splat before installing them it is also less noticeable once you insert your cover art all of these ideas are not intended to be an exact blueprint but rather building blocks

towards encouraging you to creatively improve your game storage i tried to use commonly available in inexpensive parts to design these cases but there are many other case types out there that i never considered some might be easier to work with or need fewer modifications or might fit your personal needs better for instance to hold odd cartridges like

these you could alter the designs and modify the artwork dimension so you use a vhs clamshell instead or perhaps you want to use that vhs case or a double dvd case and convert both sides to hold more games here i experimented with using a ps3 case to hold for gameboy games or with what we've learned we can convert many different case types to

hold grady sds or ps vita cards maybe you have a better idea of how to hold the cartridges if so please share your thoughts i've given you several options and ideas because ultimately this isn't my project yours hopefully i've at least given you a starting point in thinking about your game storage in your game room thank you

very much for watching this is the seventh video of my game room idea series here's a playlist if you'd like to see any previous entries i have another video in the works so if i've earned it please subscribe and liking this video is very appreciated but also please share it somebody you know would like to see this idea

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