pokemon games free download gba

pokemon games free download gba

for trouble you make it double france bobby people look about to a brand new video and what a video it is for you guys today? we're finally returning to the team rocky special edition on here on the channel i am so excited to bring you guys this they have just dropped the brand new beta for it. it looks absolutely insane i didn't see some pre-release and screenshots looks absolutely incredible if you guys haven't played this or if you guys don't remember this around three weeks ago a mars to be fair. it could be like four weeks ago we played through the team rocket special edition you guys absolutely loved it and a lot of you guys really want me to go through this game rather than just like skipping a lot of stuff so what we gonna

do is we're gonna actually play through the game now kind of like what we did with the mount but let us get into this if you guys are excited for the return and i know you guys are please go ahead and destroy the thumbs-up button for me exceed 300 likes for me it'll mean the absolute world to me. let's kick back off the team rocket special edition with a bang people this is part three let us get it so in previous episode they left it off where giovani was just about to tell us basically what had happened between the whole project mewtwo and the secret great war that happened i left it here, and he's just about to tell us i am so excited for this so genuinely i'm so do things that happened at the secret the hood in the final year of the war i never thought i'd tell it to have me a grunt

but i believe you've proven yourself worthy of hearing it, and you're going to work with me to set things straight especially heard it clean from me. this is where we left it. i'm going to tell you everything this is where we left it so here we go i waited so long for this it was 11 years ago kantos war effort was going badly. it was clear that we could not win by force alone but we had something that lance and his boys didn't not something we knew was the key to victory look oh your wife's giovanni. they're the minds of the brightest scientists in the nation ever since the start of the war oak had been leaving up number secret initiatives to capture and harness the power of one pokemon and this is mewtwo one so rare they mail him and thought he was just a legend

yo, where's this? what and where's blaine going but legends didn't win wars. oh, can you better? oh? it's mu? yeah, i thought it was mewtwo once word got by that dr. fuji had a last call old of mu we knew there was no chance that public could know that's insane it was the best free to keep with secret and only our chance of winning but mew could not be bradbury shed like actually on the battlefield like the way lance into his jaw road dogs and nodded orc expected code yo, what the hell by far the strongest pokemon existence

but contained the body to the most violent. i'm soft hairy creature you could ever see we couldn't make the thing knock out a magic art for sport let alone ravage the crowd of enemy monsters in the fields it's crazy that giovanni and oak were actually working together, so oak decided under the solution to harness muse pala they would create from its genetic clone cone condition from the birth to be void of empathy and to possess an inner urge power it's a battle sorry they called it the mewtwo project at the time i was the richest man in kanto and a vowed member a hoax elite for i wanted to do everything i could for kanto, but i feuded the pondrã¡ so i funded the project i can't even speak holy crap. there's too much is too much an impressive team was assembled

blaine fuji bill and professor should get shigeki kantos authority on generic engineering each member was a genius in his own right and wasn't afraid to work day and night for months of the chance to save kanto but look at all the ditto the project proved much more difficult than expected most test causes came out as formless half-dead pieces of flesh that did not resemble mew in any way so that was ditto one of the clearly early failures oppressor who nasty? and like lord through a local and neurotic and disgustingly shapeless at the others this new boy must have inherited new strength what the hell y'all be broke free

it broke free from the test tube and has skipped the lab killing several of the earliest beast minutes away specimen in its wake this little incident became known as the catastrophe, and it scared the scientists as well as it did me i began to lose faith in my investment, and i think i was starting to feel the same way luckily however dr. fuji soon give new hope to the project fuji suggested a way to contain news power within a solid sign sent embody by creating a clone that would combine moose dna with that of a human what? initial tests prove promising and the scientist agreed to compute a sample of their own dna to use the commune that's crazy that is absolutely wild in

oak was the only one who refused to provide a dna sample his skeptism for the project have been now risen to a peak ironically however fuji theory proved correct sooner than anyone could anticipate the team had produced the define mu to a human light in sinhala a certainly powerful psychic pokã©mon possessing the river called a bloodthirsty mine and spin intelligent yo, what the hell? before anyone could prepare for the fields however the mewtwo project reaches natural collision y'all girl actually got the armor on it do whatever empathy a disturbance intelligent the new bond clone could find no reason to fight her kantos cause oh

jesus why the war did not appeal to mewtwo and we couldn't quite say, but it refused to be used as a military weapon and when we insisted it rebelled? yo, that looks insane y'all, so no do you guys remember in the so does no, that's crazy we psychic powers we had no means to control mewtwo ruin the lemon escape the scientist who i've given it lies it's crazy how they're actually tying this in with the actual how you know when you play through pokemon red blue yellow that's how it looks driven. we believe by desire to find worthy pokemon opponents it's salt refuge in the depths of an historic dillinger escape outside cerulean safe as far as i know that's where it still hides to this day nor capture expedition since

know by the government bios or any other party that matters has been successful soon after mute his escape it was all over like what happened to the dealer okay now is canto surrender lance and judah and in the war that's crazy. we are done our best to destroy all evidence of the project but there was no hiding the team's involvement in some kind of military research fuji was the first to throw in the towel goddamnit fuji the old coward openly pledged to his allegiance to lands except in any terms they gave him

blaine and bill were more reluctant but they eventually followed suit oh my lord now as to this shigeki who even is this man nobody knows the old guy has been missing ever since the end of the war what and me well i'm stripped me of my elite four position right away an oak oh my lord the traitor left me to fend myself as if i haven't invested my heart and soul let alone my personal fortune to defend a home now taken over by foreign aggressors yo, this storyline is insane, i knew it wasn't right i knew that i can tell at large had been cheated of a battle that we could have won

and i vowed that if lance could not take him down through legitimate means it's crazy that i would cripple him from inside. i never looked back holy crap oh my god that story development though so now you see ghosts. why recent developments have very concerned indeed ariana darlin i need you should leave the veridian we have no time to waste with this red twit running around we can't leave the gym um and you will get in my absence

if that's what you want, giovanni, but he won't like it our our boy nonsense my son will come with you in the very end if need be it will do him good so they talk about silva very well giovanni, i will be on my way that's crazy listen ghost oat must despise everyone who worked on the mewtwo project if all of a sudden he has business with fuji after all these years it can't be good news i

can't imagine, but he still believes that he could find some way to get up me too after all these years but supposing he did we have to know that's why ghost i want you to go to pallet town yourself confront oak in his lab and get to the bottom of what he's up to if that means resorted to force then so be it the old guy is banned from pokemon battles so he's not likely to put up a match here against fight anyway and while you're there to see if he can gather any more information about this red kid or his family from the locals any key information any weakness that we can find when we can exploit will be a great help i'll clear ghosts very good. just one more thing before you go

dosis promotes into rocket advan yeah boy ha ha ha your boy is finally an admin, holy crap yo, and we get a whole new suit as well i'll say it's about time. you've earned my trust ghost yeah, boy with this raising rank i think you'll have no trouble stealing from pokemon from teenagers of women trainers you'll also be obliged to carry out one of these the rocket pager yo, that's insane i'm so happy this device will beat whenever i want all my admins. i'll rock you back to hq. if it goes off i expect you to make you over here as soon as you could possibly can

that's all you've shown a lot of promise ghost, that's why i've chosen to invest in you like this do not let it go to waste is that understood now off with you admin no time to waste yah, we're actually an admin fail boss. we couldn't keep the kid away from him. yes. i am a boss no wait oh my boy. oh wait till my boy sees me he'll be like, bro he's gonna be so mad. i am now what the hell. i'm already back here yo, i wonder what patel's gonna say to me hey they promoted you does that mean you're more bad than i am jealous you can't reverti in the city too now yo

hey, ghost yo, yo yo damn boy was with that new getup see what they made a little ghost in admin now did they well no jokes so now you can roll with manatee jane is it ha ronny. i'm sorry my guy ha congrats, bud you know given all my in bonding stew skills it speaks to my mother said that they didn't promote me to yet doesn't it? now now any more juicy news. oh you're gonna pallet town to interrogate professor oak dude. no way that's too rad you know they they're gonna. give me a new mission yet, ah ronnie mega, i'm sorry now why is that not a prime opportunity? i'll come with you too. pal eat animal beat up the old professor together

oh man, faint is too, sir. he's too kind sometimes is she ghost well pal a town. that's worse two cantos oh either go from mount moon all through that pesky diglett cave off by pavilion, and we'll be right track right on let's get cracking you have baby be the good cop goes because i'm mad as hell yo, what the hell so ronnie's coming with us. oh we got a pager the pages going? high that goes who's been a while filming in the latest rocky news if you would oh now the lost oh my lord ah, sorry, but i'll find the rama that's humorous. some kid and what giovanni finally revealed the wartime secrets good, then we're fully on the same page you know aren't we i suppose he told you about the catastrophe as well, then yes, that was mutable

she's well well sure offing mr. really in care, but i'm curious. did he happen to know what became of mu after the project was shut down no very well, keep up the good work girls. you got a good friend of me. i'll talk to you later all right, then my guy that evening things that we learned some serious yeah, we learned some serious news regarding it so my safe file got deleted before so i had to literally just get a new team up so i literally just i literally, just um rec handed this team up that i randomly got so basically that's what happening so what we need to do now is we can go through vermilion, and we'll go through i guess

diglettz tunnel, but that is so insane listening to all like you know the great war and stuff like that, bro come on come on. i'm a rocky admin my guy i am a rocky admin. i don't steal pokã©mon's all right, let's go through vermilion, and we'll go through diglettz cave yes it is sir so we'll make our way through that but yo that story line is absolutely incredible though right guys that story line was insane so we finally got promoted to rocky admin. we're on our way to see professor oak interrogate professor, oh, which is absolutely gonna be hilarious? i am so looking forward to this

and we're on to route 2 here oh my is there a tree in your path for us too sure i have no cause for this may help is nia yo, what this man literally just really it's like they're cutting. oh my lord. would you like to bear witness to cutting wonders of mine? a thousand to cut down the tree i swear if there's another tree here, i swear, if there's another tree oh no, they actually just got written it. okay. that's dope so oh go eat silver that's what i was talking about oh great more of dad's boonies incoming now

tell me why does he do it aw do all his dirty work why is it too much for a coward to do things himself? why couldn't he just come along? silver my guy it's not that serious it was never any use was it welcome to viridian city ghosts thanks, hon can we go in the gym we actually can no, that's crazy? no one indeed. no new challenges are shown up as i expected. oh the child you saw earlier he's going through the oak bring in this tough world he's born into no mistake. he'll grow out of a rebellious phase soon

talk about boring place to be stationed. well. i am your admin. i will have less of these talks bribe officer a bribe beer a thousand nebari has been lowered to five grand. thank you my bounties been lowered to five grand. i'll try and get some more money and try and bribe off the guy so let's make our way down to pallet town your little 18 s already jesus red red was on the up and coming my friends your pallet town is here. yo, that's crazy okay, so let's see so professor oak actually isn't here what anarchist named a rocket and not innocent lab what no goodness no professor oak he's not in and i doubt very much

he'd want anything to do with you if you were if you were imma steal your pokã©mon's and alright stop right there rocket maybe research aid but i know better to let you put your dirty fingers on the professor's various pokemon get off or i'll put these aids on you bro give me the goddamn pokemon, i will take on these guys i don't care so i wonder where let's go into reds house oh what the hell is that agatha oh my now isn't this a surprise and all my business to pallet town over the years i thought i'd never see a fellow like yourself in a peaceful place like this you here for oak aren't you hmm?

well, i've no intention of stopping you we have much more in common than you probably think rock it say it's not often we see a new face around these parts coming for a cup of tea if you're not too busy pilot is such a waistline for interesting tea conversations here this is gary's sister well well your tea is excellent is always daisy and the weather is so lovely oh, i do miss pallet sometimes daisy here is my granddaughter ghost in fact with her brother airways from pokemon quest is part of the semblance of family she has left well me and professor oak when he bothers to show his face

i'm gonna let more juicy info a long time ago. we were in a psyche kink couple oh, can i samuel in a man of honor back in those days? he valued strength vigilance some propose and he embodied it we raised two sons together in the image of those principles he turner had a great man and blisters with to mow grandchildren to carry our values forward but sooner than blue the youngest had been born the war struck to our family daisy blew birth survived unser's and has sown and his wife both perished in the madness. oh my lord and samuel and i swore we swore that we would avenge them and we will bring down lines and making pay for taking out innocent children yeah, would you believe it. he swore to me. he give me his word ghost and then why just a little while later he committed the most heinous cowardly shameful act i ever saw

he was champion general of leone the most powerful man in kanto and he gave it all just to save his worthless skin the soft spineless fool surrendered a lance is nothing the man i loved even if he didn't stand a chance even if he's sticking out fighting for someone he believed in he would have ultimately meant his death at least he would have been an honorable woman grandma please this is intense, i'm sorry daisy for going there again. you know i had to guess sometimes i better get going darling always work to be done to take care of yourself and send your gas to your brother his lovely kids yo, i genuinely don't know what is happening anymore in this game, but holy crap. i can't say i improve

what would your boston doing around kanto ghost but i can say i don't sympathize with your frustration not quite the respect but understanding until we meet again that is insane you know i don't think grandpa is really a bad person he's really very cheerful and friendly the way they show him the papers. he gave me a blue and happy childhood, and i'm grateful but you know there's just one thing that always had bothered me told my lord geez there you are goes what's the holdup dude? jail ronnie my boy was just getting a little why i've been looking for all you all of us other the friendly tea party in el baã±o

to interrogate let's go hide on that old man oak. it got me tired of waiting. oh no is it true you discussing thug grandma was wrong to trista rocky for company. i knew i should never allowed it she goes you sure fix yourself a nafisi date. huh well no time for that now. we gotta hit up this lab pronto in all my days you were not going anywhere. i want any well thugs to trespass our home and family you're actually bottling daisy. holy crap joe the work dong yo, that's in saying she has a chauncey. it's a good job. we actually have like a nidoqueen with double kit and we trying to learn body slam yeah finally you have a ponytail well, i do have a poliwrath

so i guess that can actually work for something and a right you yo, i have a golem. yeah. this is just working out right? and i need arena yeah. yeah, we could stay in steal a pokemon from the strain of daisy. yes, i'm gonna steal your right. shoe. i'm sorry i will steal your right you i do apologize tell this guy chew in well jeong goes quite the energy in this one hey hey, let's leave it to now stand back radek eight hyper fang go oh my

bro ronnie, what did you just do well good riddance pokemon a strong day seaman girl like that she's got some rich family or other, but i'll bet my kidney right a cake. he forgets he find any valuables around they hid the loot we're robbing daisy right now but blue all the blue. he wasn't he wasn't too bad to us. huh what's the matter ghost? why'd you look like you ain't ever seen a rocket in action huh yeah? little sissy you i bet a good interrogation should wake you right up again? eh? no wait now you check the lab and the old guys not even there well gee you ever talk about a big fat waste if i ever saw one

well it's good thing that we got a bit of action just now then it's not a good day without at least one robbery rimmer right i guess we might as well just head back to hq yeah, that's insane that is actually insane. yo look at daisy though. i think daisy's dead. i think daisy's actually dead she actually is dead, but we are gonna get up on out of today's episode of our pokemon rocket special edition this game is absolutely insane the whole storyline if you guys aren't playing along already you should because it's absolutely insane so we learn about the great war we learn about like oaks actually, you know take on the great war we learn that agatha

you know she just sympathized we what giovanni's doing and it's absolutely saying there's so much more this beta actually goes up to seven missions so we ended it off on our fourth or on our third mission, so we do have four more after this one i guess in these three, but this is absolutely insane, and i'm super looking forward to the next episode if you guys are too please show some love to that thumbs up button for me make sure you go ahead and be more like three hundred likes subscribe if you guys are new and with all that being said you've been amazing and i am infinite acts i will catch you guys back in the next video to come

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