pokemon rom games

pokemon rom games

hey what is up guys danny here and today i'm gonna be showing you how to play your nintendo 3ds games onto your pc for absolutely free so what you're going to need to do first of all is you're going to download this emulator i'll citra from them from google chrome i will show you in a second but first of all i'm going to talk about the

specifications of your device which you are gonna need to have at least the minimum minimum amount show you you need to have a 64-bit operating system 32-bit will not work i don't know why it's not supported right now hopefully it's will be supported but 128-bit will be coming out pretty soon

so who needs that the ram i the recommended minimum sorry not recommended the minimum ram you should have at least 4gb recommended and if you have more than that you're good to go i have a 8gb and the proccesor and you need to have at least 1 graphics card installed it doesn't matter if it's the lowest like 512 megabyte

doesn't matter you need to have at least it graphics card to run it and the processor matters the most so i have an i3 brother my game run ok on it so if you have an i7 or i5 it's pretty good so now let's get into the installation or you can also say the downloading set so first of all the way yet what you're gonna need to download

the citra set up as you're going to need to go to you the browser and in your web browser and go to google and search citra it will take you to this page and hit download and it will bring it right over here so in this page you can download the night levels or the bleeding edge bills through the night levels are computer

more you can say these are stable volumes and the leading and are stable too but they have some features but they're not tested that march and let me tell you they have updates every single day like two days ago two days ago looking for a reason day that's so in the nitrate bill if you have mac linux mac or linux you need to go over it

nightly build but i prefer one of the leading edge but you need to have a windows computer on and osx but nice little box with all four of these sophos so you look at this smile when you just hit one of these or just hit this you'll get this file and what you do is just double-click it a late and education seem like look as you don't like it it

just starts up and there you go you just now you need to go to emulation go to configure and then here go to region and said us a into the system user name despite your username i don't use this one eventually and your input system whatever you whatever the controls you use even put in their graphics do not do not take limit framing just one ticket

and native resolution it's by you what you what you like to do and go for sd to or you can go for all to eventually it's pretty good and just hit ok and in order to play the game or run the game you need to get file low file and it will bring the first it will bring you to heel into your pc and then you need to go to the folder or place where you have

kept your rooms for my i have given in e.r industrious and this were an example and 104 c'mon moon ok then its children ok dad yeah maybe something ok i mess up what you need to do if you're using a bleeding edge then you are really going to need to hit the

limited framerate i forgot if you're using the nightly build then you don't need to get it because it will lower slowly 041 degrees again and you can see probably fine for me find your language engine and it just figures you're playing chris 49 so i'm gonna lower the sun's gonna like losses and the pokemon center move the world but some of the

games will not work on the official version like let me just go for pokemon x a lot of work and you can see there's the errors in the that and do not well as their main go over in this minimizes and suc is not working women's clothes in ordering those other games you need to have a non-official you know on unofficial and you can get the jet build

a tunnel build them there are so many bills you can get so this is the citra hack oriental five you can get it from youtube or i don't know what's his name so that we're here right open it up it will take a little them those phyllo file pokemon next and am eventually it runs them through ssd drives pokemon x pretty nice so next up

i'm gonna show you how to get games for you in the 22 years so we don't need to do is go to your browser and such the best website i know is boiler room such bottle roms is going to bring you to this page and hit three ds roms you can get vu v into bs and much more and in here you will get to this page and you can just go for any game that

you want so there's so many different things like pokemon diff luigi let's say if you want to build them just go and click the last thing the downloads be scripted for the citra emulator normal for this if you have an indented videos then it matters but if you don't if you're playing a central exactly gonna and it if you're using an x-block it

might block it up as you can see it's gonna over the poor event final fantasy open up and then let this letter special occasion for some reason it's not loading up for me it will load up and it will give you like a downloaded a torrent download it you it's not a full version you need to go to google and search utorrent or bittorrent whatever

you want to call my broker utorrent and it will if you click right here to take this page and you can just scroll down if you're on windows you can just hit this or if you're not on windows you get click any of these ones and if you want to get the future and pro for 20 years for you i might get it you can get that one two so now with those things aside

and unload up the future edge and the loaf let's see supermarket is super mario 3d land competitiveness he really go of it is but i go configure something graphics i wanted a large family land ok well there can be no so super mario 3d land favorite games i played on engine is the cream

hey guys i just gone to this one the hacker because the official wasn't even supposed to remember the land and actually really get to what happened was 10 but it gets better find out what it is look at it is or very particularly i didn't have practice so i should be nice okay if you're completely and we'll show

you guys about this thing you don't you see rose it's really leading a i just stopped the emulation and if you guys enjoyed the video then and if you want something from this video then visually like and share this and if you're not letting me in visual subscribe and i will meet you on the next video bye


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