pokemon sun and moon gba rom

pokemon sun and moon gba rom

hello welcome back to pokemoner.comchannel and we made a tutorial about how to play pokemon ultra sun and moon onpc with citra pokemoner speed v7 okay the first step you should have aemulator and now you can visit emu.pokemoner.com emu.pokemoner.com! this! okay and youclick here! click here! citra pokemoner speed v7 tested .... okay this! okay! and click here to download! and now when the downloading's completed and and you download ..... pokemon ultra sun or pokemon ultra moon citra on pokemoner.com and you can... this .... 3 files! 3 files. okay! and now, step 2: you click! the first, you click emulator and extract to ...! and now, i want to play pokemon ultra

sun! this! and extract to... pokemon ultra sun with version 1.0 and remove no outline and i will extract pokemon ultra moon.. yes, okay, very easy, very fast! okay now, click here and you can see 2 parts: part 1 and part 2! oh now, how how to play this? i can't see 3ds file! why? i can't play! okay very easy! remember to install the winraror 7zip to extract this okay and you click here! this! oh sorry! thisclick to part1 and right-click to part 1 and extract to .. this and waiting for ...

don't worry okay waiting for this! okay okay now, you can see this! and remember check date modifited and now, how to play this! very easy similar step! extract this and the... okay now! how to play pokemon ultra sun and moon on pc! okay this, click this! and citra okay now the first, you should set setting emulator hmmbefore we play! okay and emulator --> configure...

okayand bla bla bla... system you can see pokemoner and the okay! this! this! this!input you can change the bottom to play and the graphics, you can seenow you should tick enable hardware reander, enable shader jityou shouldn't tick limit framerate and i think you choose this! if you have a pc with low specs okay if you have a pchigh-specs okayi think you choose this and limit framerate maybe no, i think no and audio, you choose thisand choose bla bla... okay now!okay!

comback this! pokemon sun and the pokemon ultra sun! this and this! now and let's go! yesokay you can listen this very very very very speed and and this is pokemon.. okay pokemon ultra sun now yes okay somebody say this is a fake game and i play this when the logo pokemon ultra sun and moon show and you can trust me okay!

this! this is pokemon ultra sun okay remember this is a 3ds version andremove outline okay i just upload this you can get this on pokemoner.com this! so good good graphics! this okay ! we willcheck something this! okay! good graphics!

why why i shouldn't choose this! very very poor when you choose the native yes! very poor! i should choose this!okay, this is very poor! poor and you can can see your npc orany character! very good!and you have a high-specs, you should choose this! i will test with this! okay i will check pokemon ultra moon on citra v7

andlet's gowith high you can see a big screenthis! very awesome - good graphics - and i choose... oh shit!.. omg!very fast and very hard to change your name! okay this's pokemon ultra moon okay thank you for watchingif you have any question for this video! for pokemon ultra sun and moonfor link of pokemon ultra sun and moon, you can comment on this video and i can reply soon!and if you want to get this game, you can see a link in the descriptionclick this to get this game and get the citra emulator v7okay! thank you for watching!and see you later

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